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Go Within To Win.

Golf is played from what we have within, not what is external to us. 

Preparation is the number one factor that will get you to where you need to be. Take time for yourself to develop your mental strength, push through the pain barriers with more clarity.

Are you mentally and physically prepared? 

As humans, we wait for things to go wrong before we do something about it. An example is playing well in a practice round or on the driving range. However, still not being able to compete in competitions or under stressful situations, The bad shot, the missed putt. The lack of consistency can be overwhelming, leading to a dip in your performance and even more so your confidence.

Golfers living in abundance. 

John, is very personable, a great listener and delivers his program in a professional manner. James Scade Pro Golfer. 

His tone and ability to relax the situation came across very easily and I’d trust him to help “fix” my golfing demons. Steve Logan handicap 15. 

I found the experience with John very enlightening and enjoyable! The more you put in, the more you get out! Highly recommended the process and John is terrific!. Arthur Handicap 14.

Reduce your score  |  Play with less frustration  |  Sort out any mental niggles or blockages |  Improve your consistency.


This master class will help support your golfing journey through distance learning and one to one guidance with JT. 

You’ll learn how to give yourself the space-time you need to implement certain tactics to get you the right results. Winning does not come easy, and you will be faced with more failures than success.

Have you got the time and resources to commit to embark on a new program that will support your aspirations? If the answer is YES, it starts today, take action. Use this time wisely, while you have the opportunity, the work you put in now will pay dividends ends in the long run.

What you'll get from the program.

The training is robust, thoughtful and encouraging. I have worked in environments that are stressful, and I know what it takes to be a professional, successful and win.

Set clear intentions and align these with your core values. 

Feel empowered by your decisions.  

Learn to accept what has happened and that things come and go. 

Don't hold on to a previous shot.

Learn how to control breathing and work on posture.

Learn that having a more settled mind leads to better performance.

Live more in the moment, become mindful of your awareness. 

Learn to pick out the good even with the wrong choices.

Understand that remaining patient will serve you well.

Develop a sense of belonging.

Practice mindfulness and understand how to channel our energy. 

Develop a more composed state of being.

Golfers who are living abundance include former #world number one disabled golfer, players on the euro-pro, club champions and golfers of all abilities. 

Release the inner golfer.

At the end of the program, you will have the tools to implement in a way that is beneficial to support your needs. These can be used in everyday life, enabling you to take action and compete with those around you—boosting your overall confidence to succeed.  


Do you want clarity of thought, that poise under pressure, the calming confidence to play better golf, then this is for you? 



What's in your bag? 

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