Personal Profiling & 3 Coaching Sessions. £390

Personal Profiling & 3 Coaching Sessions. £390

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The complete package of identification, development and team building all based on a single assessment has allowed i3 to become a tool of choice when it comes to leadership development and 1to1 coaching. It is because i3 gets to the root of a person, increasing self-awareness that allows us to get real leading to better reflective results.

Key features of i3 Assessment.

Behind every i3 product and tool, you’ll find one underlying conviction: the belief that no two people are the same. That’s why no two people’s i3 profiles are the same because discovering what makes us all different, makes all the difference. It can dramatically increase productivity, help to build strong and effective teams, provide objective guidance.

Team Dynamix.
There are 4 clear differences that stand i3 apart from many other assessment tools: i3 profiles are unique – no two results generated from the assessment are the same. We believe in identifying what makes a person unique, building their self-awareness, belief and direction.  Visual, transparent and engaging focusing on the individual.

One assessment, multiple outputs! Rather than having to get people to do different assessments relative to different needs.

Direct management and access, facilitating your own online account, operating as an in house system with personal account management reactional to your specific needs. The foundation of i3 and all its related tools and services hinges on an online assessment called the i3 profile. This assessment can be completed in just 15-20 minutes, but its effects will last a lifetime. The assessment will reveal a totally unique combination for each person as well as provide insight into which environments they best suited.

Natural Strengths – Each 1 on 1 feedback focuses on what someone’s individual strengths will be Cautions to counter all of our individual strengths we highlight natural cautions to be aware of Awareness.

The final focus is always to encourage you to be yourself in order to reach your potential. Be authentic with your future plans.
One to one feedback from John Taylor.

Use the i3 tools as a personal tool to help set your foundations.
Understanding others and how this impacts on your own unique perspective.

Feedback session can be done online or in person. This will be followed by 3 session on intention setting unblocking and a road map. 

i3 Assessment with one to one feedback coaching £150

Individual coaching sessions thereafter £80 x 3 =£240