John Taylor Golf Coach

John Taylor Golf Coach

John Taylor Golf Coach


Hi I am John Taylor golf coach based in the North East of England. I am a Performance Psychologist helping clients with their golfing abilities.

Performance Psychology Expert & Zen Golf Associate

With a combination of a lifelong passion for golf and my therapeutic practice, I launched What's In The Bag.
What's In The Bag provides an innovative approach to performance coaching—centred on self-awareness and holistic philosophies. 
John Taylor Golf Coach - Mental Fitness
Performance coaching is based on guiding you through better mental fitness. Furthermore, this will enable you to succeed and become more anchored to your current state. When it comes to clients and projects, I look instinctively to help guide and facilitate the situation.
I'm blessed with the ability to inspire and influence others into action. Intuitively, I encourage people to step outside of their comfort zones to perform with alignment.
John has been described by his peers as
• motivational
• progressive
• inspirational

    I have a sixth-sense. A determination and positive drive. Put these together with my natural flair for getting best out of others, client's benefit greatly from my golf coaching.

    I work with and supported by Dr Joseph Parent, Author Of Zen Golf, Key-Note Speaker.


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