Yes We Did It, Season One Complete

Wow Wow Wow, After three years of procrastination, I eventually plucked the courage to start a podcast in January this year, thanks for a gentle nudge from someone I met through my golfing network.
Jac and I had had a conversation all things golf, networking and what our plans were for the future. I mentioned to Jac that I wanted to start a podcast, unsure of what to do or how to start.  He sent me some links, along with information about what basic equipment I needed and what steps to take along with some recommended platforms. That afternoon I uploaded my first ever live recording, "This Is Me"  sent it out through my social media platforms and got instant hits.
I received some good feedback from friends and family. This certainly helped my confidence and give me the belief to carry on.
From that moment I reached out to people and asked if they would like to be interviewed and be on the show. Everyone agreed without hesitation.
It can be scary trying something new, we are always doing new things every day and we will continue to start new things. The thought of trying something new can at times stop us from carrying out what is we are trying to achieve.  Because we think we know the outcome and what might happen. Naturally, we tend to stop ourselves from doing the task or challenge, mainly underlying factors, time, resources, money and our self-doubt. Don't put excuses in the way it will keep you in the same place as before, as I have learnt along the way.
When you have a true desire or a passion to do something doesn't matter what it is or how long it takes. Just do it, fire the shot, take the step and leap into the unknown territory.  It creates so many opportunities and your options begin to open up you become free-thinking and life starts to flow.
The first 11 recordings have been an eye-opener. The feeling I get from talking to people and listen to their stories inspires me to do more.  I had the opportunity to speak with and interview people from different demographics, other parts of the world and all done form a laptop and microphone in a bedroom.
Season one has been so much fun.
The first recording This Is Me, My little journey and my why Reflection what do we see?  how do we see things? serious thought or consideration.
Relaxed talk with Grant Henerson, co-founder i3 Personality Profiling who kindly shared his story about his journey, his company and the future of i3.
Next up we had Steve sharing his travel and golfing stories and business work.
Moving through the season we had Pam Owens who is a mobility specialist, personal trainer, nutrition coach, KINSTRETCH instructor, TPI Coach and proponent of all things fitness.
Amanda Cartner shares how going from Dentist to Yoga meditation through movement. Amanda is a certified Dru Yoga teacher - this has been of great importance her personally and it gives me great pleasure to pass on this skill.
One of my highlights in the season, I had the chance to interview my mentor  Dr Joe Parent Zen Golf  "Getting out your own way" 
Dr Joe shares with us his story about how he developed his practice and teaching of Mindfulness and Habit Change for golf, business, and life, including his work helping major golf champions Vijay Singh and Cristie Kerr to the #1 World Golf Ranking.
Derek Murray had the chance to hit the mic next, sharing his trips to Augusta National and how his wife could have anything she wanted for breakfast during one of his many visits. Derek is so much fun and great to listen too. I look forward to welcoming back on the show, where he will talk about more exciting things that have happened to him over the years, I can not wait to hear about when met Seve Ballesteros.
From Texas to Los Angeles then Ireland and up next we had Ryan Dodds golfing in Mauritius. Ryan is a Fellow Member of the PGA of South Africa with more than 15 years’ experience in the business of golf. He has had the privilege of working in various sub-sectors within the golf industry including golf teaching, retail, golf estate development. We then headed back to LA for the last in the season Zeb Welborn The Community Man. President of the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce: Promoting growth in the Chino Valley business community. Talking about the wonderful work he is doing to support many businesses in central California through the Chamber, awesome work buddy.
It has been an absolute pleasure recording the first season. I could not ask for more than to have people and follow the show. My warmest thanks go to those who gave me the chance to speak with them and of course Jac for his gentle nudge which ignited the fire and got me started.
If something is holding you back for whatever reason. Get out there and do it, just have a go you never know where it will lead. Remember someone is always interested in something if you can find people interested in the same as you then build your tribe.
Stay safe in this troubled time. Remember this too shall pass.
Season two is underway and I have guests ready to share their stories. If you want to be part of this season drop me a line get in touch I would be delighted to have you on the show. Keep Sharing.
Love and peace.

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