Stop, Pause Be Present.


Do you ever hear yourself saying these things on the golf course?

The ball had a bad lie, it was in a divot, the rough is too long, the greens are too slow or too fast, it’s too windy, too wet, it’s my clubs, not me. Unlike these external factors, your mind is the one thing you can get control over, with the help of a coach.


Complaining, especially in the moment, will only leave you in a negative space which heightens the emotions attached to the things that you’re unhappy about. 


The key to achieving defined outcomes is cutting down on negative thoughts and looking at the way you respond. Fear of failure. 


Mindset coaching isn’t just for professionals; it’s open to golfers of all abilities.

Winning the club championship, or just enjoying your golf the way you should be. 




Have you struggled to control your behaviour or emotions on the course?

Do other things happening in your life impact your game?

Are you too focused on the outcome rather than taking it shot by shot?

Do you go through spells where confidence is lacking?

Or, are you able to focus on each shot with a clear, conscious mind?




Whatever you want out of golf, either competitively or recreationally, performance coaching can help.


You’ll learn how to give yourself space and time you need to implement certain tactics that will get you the right results, both on and off the course.


If you want that clarity of thought, that poise under pressure, and the calming confidence playing better golf miraculously provides, contact me today and let’s save your season! 

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