Get a grip of your mental game

Mindfulness in golf is becoming more and more popular. Getting a grip of your mental game has never been so important. Now is a perfect time to do so learn more about yourself and how to harness the power of both thought and being. 

Yes, I fully understand the situation you are in at the moment. Plant some seeds ready for your return to the fairways. The work you put in now will have an impact on your game and everyday life. 

The mental game has been around for as far back as we can remember. Golf is played mainly from what you see, feel and hear. The frustrations, lower the scores or play with more consistency whatever you desire. Become grounded to your current position before playing your shots come with practice. 

We can practice being mindful in our everyday lives in every waking hour. Practice for a few minutes per hour. It can be as easy as knowing you are grounded to that particular spot, feel the floor beneath you, your bum on the char the food you eat, the words you say, the things you listen too. Using all sensories. Stop for a moment and soak in what is in your current space. This is mindfulness, you do not have to meditate. If you practice this you are training your mind which will help you in the long run. Go within to win. 

Its Stillness in moments under pressure that speaks. 

Go Well 

Coach John 


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