10 Steps to success

10 Steps to success.

1. Set the conditions for success.
Winning in sport isn't easy, but that's what makes it exciting,
challenging and inspiring every day. Unfortunately, it isn't as
simple as telling yourself to go out and win. Building a winning mentality
you becoming strong takes time, patience and clear cut goals.

Mould the right environment to allow you to remain positive,
focused and motivated, and you'll have a better chance of
establishing a winning mindset.
It starts by creating an environment that breeds success and surrounding yourself with those who care and do not judge you.

2. Define winning.

Before you start, consider what winning is to you and the team
around you. Finishing top of the leader board-table is an
obvious choice. What else? What does it mean? How does it feel? What can you see? What can you hear? More importantly, how do you want to feel.

3. Set intentions.
Define a clear cut plan of your desires and intentions; Align these with your core values. They can be an essential tool for motivating you and focusing your mind on achieving desired outcomes. Start as you mean to go on. Create a vision board be as abstracted as possible, drill down into the current situation and what you have available to you

4. Motivation as an instinct.
Analyse training performance as an indicator of your mental strength, becoming aware of how you respond to not being motivated. What keeps you going?
Who motivates the motivator? What is it that drives you? Trust in the process. To become motivated, we have to learn to put the blinkers on and do not become distracted or compare with what others are doing; you will lose yourself.

5. Mindset.
We hear this word a lot, and it gets used on so many different occasions. It is fundamentally down to how you use your mind as a tool to get what you want. Practising Mindfulness and learning to meditate can help reduce the strain on your cognitive thinking. Humans are naturally overthinkers; this can lead to confusion, upset and a sense of disorientation.

If you don't believe you're the best, then how are you ever going
to make it. It is not an arrogant attitude, but one that will light up in your approach. Your state of mind stems from your self-worth. Show up, stand proud, be in NOWNESS.

6. Preparation is key.
Sports performance, defined as replicating a skill
during the pressure-cooker situation of a competitive match.

With preparation comes not only the ability to replicate those
skills as if they were second nature but also the confidence to
head out into your chosen environment, the golf course, tennis court, pitch or the office. Live up to your full potential.

A resilient mindset comes with practice and experience. Your experience is different from those around you and is never the same for one person. Be unique because you are.

7. Put faith in your ability.

Aside from skill levels, this also covers the psychological and mental aspects of your sport. Having an element of faith in what you do will put you in a better position.

Your ability will shift during your round, but if you are prepared for all situations, then you can blossom.

8. Failure is motivation.

You will lose more time than you will win, be comfortable with losing is where success is born. Plus, you will learn more in those moments than at any given time.

Satisfaction in winning often doesn't come from victory
itself; it comes from the months of blood, sweat, and
tears that went into it along the way. What you learn now will serve you well.
The old saying, hard work does pay off. You have to want it more than anything. Be careful not to focus on the want too much; you can find yourself forcing the situation and create resistance, intern the thing you ant can get further away. You'll fail more
than you'll succeed in the sport.

9. Attitude is infectious.

Harness it as best you can, drawing on those negative
experiences. Attitude is said to define the personality of a human. Naturally, this falls under two categories, the good and the bad.
Laen to have a calm, composed attitude will increase your choices of holding up the trophy at the end of the day, plus keep you grounded and allow lots of room for growth.

10 Maintaining and Discipline.

Write a will do list, start a journal set clear intentions, not goals. Seek guidance on your path; a coach, mentor, a friend, surround yourself with better people than you, learn from them. The world is about sharing; someone out there will know something you don't; Don't be afraid to ask; this can help ease the burden on your success story. It is hard enough to make it in your chosen field. You will never stop learning, and you will not always have the answers. Be patient except for the things outside your control, stay grounded and most of all, value what you do.

Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating conscious awareness of our thoughts, feelings and environment in every moment, without judging the experiences.
We gradually learn thoughts and behaviours that result in joy and those that trigger stressful reactions and suffering. Neuroscience is increasingly supporting the idea that Mindfulness and Meditation enhance perception, awareness and complex thinking.

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