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Golfing Psychology

Golfing Psychology The intention of golfing psychology is to help you become a better all round performer. What if I could go and compete with clarity, calm and a grace,

For example, a golf psychologist can,

* help develop elite squad performance pathways

Control: The ability to stay focused, to stay composed and maintain self-confidence, those and other mental attributes all add up to what you seek to achieve on the course: control.

An essential part of golf is the mental game. But one that is least practised.

I surveyed golfers of all abilities, and most of them said that they lose focus and get frustrated, but only a handful worked on the mental game.

When you look at the whole makeup of your game, have a think, where are you spending most of your time. Is it on the range, getting to learn and use the latest gadgets on the market—the technical side?

When you listen to people who have won tournaments, they reflect on the mental preparations and what it takes to win. It is not an overnight fix.

Paul Casey worked on a five year plan to get back in the winner's circle; Rory mentions it time and time again. Mark Selby, The current world snooker champion, recently said he has been through so much adversity in the past two years, he could not have done it without the support of his mentor and coach.

It is becoming more apparent that having tools in your locker to deal with mental blockages is the key driver to success. Working with a coach on the human side of the game should be higher in your priority.

Have you consider making room in your scheduling to understand your why, true purpose and what it takes to compete with those around you.

It's not as simples as reading a book and putting into practice what you learnt from reading or even listened to; this is useful to a certain degree. It takes accountability, hard work and grit. Have you got what it takes?

The learning comes when you work with others who understand this part of the game—allowing you to go out and play with freedom.

Prevention and preparation are better than the cure.

I am here to guide you through decision-making, help you manage a more composed state of mind, stand out and compete with those around you.

Unblock the old, to unlock the new. JT

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“Golf can be a relaxing stroll or a stressful competition, and a golfer’s performance level will change, often dramatically, during a single round. No matter how sophisticated their knowledge about the swing, if golfers don’t know how to work with their minds on the course, they are subject to mental obstacles such as performance anxiety, emotional reactions, and distractions.”  

Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game by Dr. Joe Parent

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