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Golfing Psychology

Golfing Psychology The intention of golfing psychology is to help you become a better all round performer. What if I could go and compete with clarity, calm and a grace,

For example, a golf psychologist can,

Help develop performance pathways.

Tap into your true potential.

Unblock any unwanted clutter.

Control: The ability to stay focused, to stay composed and maintain self-confidence.

Do you consider making room in your scheduling to understand your why, true purpose and what it takes to compete with those around you.

Working with a coach on the human side of the game should be higher in your priority.

When you look at the whole makeup of your game, have a think, where are you spending most of your time. Is it on the range, getting to learn and use the latest gadgets on the market—the technical side?

When you listen to people who have won tournaments, they reflect on the mental preparations and what it takes to win. It is not an overnight fix.

It's not as simples as reading a book and putting into practice what you learnt from reading or even listened to; this is useful to a certain degree. It takes accountability, hard work and grit. Have you got what it takes?

The learning comes when you work with others who understand this part of the game—allowing you to go out and play with freedom.

Prevention and preparation are better than the cure.

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“Golf can be a relaxing stroll or a stressful competition, and a golfer’s performance level will change, often dramatically, during a single round. No matter how sophisticated their knowledge about the swing, if golfers don’t know how to work with their minds on the course, they are subject to mental obstacles such as performance anxiety, emotional reactions, and distractions.”  

Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game by Dr. Joe Parent

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People living in abundance

I have now had a couple of sessions with John, he is very personable, a great listener and delivers his program in a professional manner. I  have really enjoyed the i3 has really resonated with my characteristics and raised my awareness of how I can be more productive and efficient.
I would highly recommend John and look forward to continue working with him.

James Scade Owner of SkylineFX & Pro Golfer

Having spent time with John, he’s a very different “mindset” coach to others I’ve met. His tone and ability to relax the situation came across very early and I’d trust him to help “fix” my golfing demons. I’ve no doubts the exercises and experiences will also help me in other parts of my life. I appreciate the time John, thank you.

Steven Logan FISM

I found the experience with John very enlightening and enjoyable! The more you put in, the more you get out ! Highly recommended the process and John is terrific!.

Arthur Jupp 14 Handicap

Had several coaching sessions with John and he has helped me in a number of areas for both my personal and business life would highly recommend to anyone looking to achieve there goals

Ian Ogle Golfing Nut

I have known John for almost 10-years, he supported Veterans at Ease as a NLP practitioner back then however he always aspired to help business owners and professional golfers. In recent years I am delighted to see he has manage to engage in both those sectors with an expanding portfolio of clients. John continues to push the boundaries in his personal development as well as those that engage with him. John is one of the most personable and engaging guys I have met

Kevin Maddison Consultant

I completed my i3 profile assessment session with John. wow, amazing results and the support and coaching offered is one of the most directional and useful I have had. I feel focused and ready to go!

Silvia Mather

John has a friendly, helpful manner and I found the profiling experience very valuable and informative. It will help me to be more effective in business and has given me a couple of things I need to think about from a personal development perspective.

John Moody 12 Handicap

I have been working with John since last year. Never heard about NLP before but after our sessions I feel much more confident.

Raphael Kling David

Keep your eye on the ball.

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