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Golfing Psychology In Abundance

Golfing Psychology In Abundance. The intention of golfing psychology is to help you become a better golfer both on and off the course.

For example, a golf psychologist can help you:

* develop practice schedules

* adopt a more confident stance on the course

* help develop elite squad performance pathways

Your attitude, preparation and behaviours play an integral part of how you perform.

Golf is a game of distractions.

Control: The ability to stay focused, to stay composed and maintain self-confidence, those and other mental attributes all add up to what all golfers seek to achieve on the course: control.

When you're in control of your mental game you can see your physical game more clearly.

I hear many golfers talk about the same problem;

• It's my swing

• It's my stance

• The ball had a bad lie

• The weather

• I can't get into it

• It's not my day

• I always have a better front 9 than i do on the back.

Sound familiar? Did you know that complaining shrinks your brain.

Jack Nicklaus once said that all he had to do was look around at other players, see who was complaining most, he knew then that he could beat those around him.

Golf is simple tee to green in as little shots as possible. How you act and behave is an essential part of what happens, Learning to harness your emotions will ease the pressures during your round.

I am here to guide you through decision-making, help you manage a more composed state of mind, stand out and compete with those around you.

Unblock the old, to unlock the new. JT

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“Golf can be a relaxing stroll or a stressful competition, and a golfer’s performance level will change, often dramatically, during a single round. No matter how sophisticated their knowledge about the swing, if golfers don’t know how to work with their minds on the course, they are subject to mental obstacles such as performance anxiety, emotional reactions, and distractions.”  

Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game by Dr. Joe Parent

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